Wylie's Baths, Coogee (BA006R)

Wylie's Baths was established in 1907, and lies south of Coogee Beach. A well recognised tidal pool, the baths look out to Wedding Cake Island and the Pacific Ocean.  

We have listed some of our most popular artwork options, however if you don't see what you're after, please Contact Us.  We have an in-house printing and framing studio, so custom sizing and products are no problem!

Please note: Each artwork is custom made - we aim to have your order shipped within 2-3 weeks of placement. If you're working to a deadline, feel free to Get in Touch as we may be able to expedite your order, or can advise you of stock currently on hand in our Rainforest Gallery. Alternatively, a Gift Certificate can feature your image of choice, and is a great option if you're in a rush, as they can be emailed to you, or directly to the recipient.

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