Taiya Kramer Photography

A Little About Me

My name is Taiya and I’m in Year 8 at Calderwood Christian School.

For many years I have been passionate about photography. I enjoy taking photos because I find it very inspirational and think it’s fascinating what stories a picture can tell. My favourite sorts of photographs to take are ones of animals or macro images.

About My Exhibition

I currently have an Exhibition at Bean Roasted in the Sprout Hub Calderwood Valley. I feel honoured to have this opportunity to exhibit my photographs and will be putting any money raised towards a trip to Vanuatu in July.

With a group from my church, I will visiting people at the capital, Port Vila and building water tanks, chicken coops, assisting churches, doing eye tests and providing people with glasses.

I am so excited to be a part of the trip and am hoping that I will be able to raise enough money to cover the airfare and help buy supplies for the people there, such as building materials and medical supplies.

With your help, I’m hoping to raise $2,000! 


How You Can Be Involved

  • Purchase some of my artwork - please speak to the friendly Bean Roasted staff
  • Make a donation - please visit my GoFundMe page


  • Donate items for me to take to Vanuatu
    • Unwanted optical glasses
    • Reading glasses (from the $2 shops etc)
    • Basic medical/first aid supplies
  • Connect with me on Facebook and follow my photographic adventures - Taiya Kramer Photography
Thank You For Your Support - I Hope You Enjoy My Photographs!